Commercial Contracts

We have substantial and broad experience assisting clients with the negotiation and drafting of agreements in connection with the purchase and sale of goods and the engagement of services.

512750945 - highresModern companies exist in a complex web of suppliers, partners and channels with whom they must form productive relationships and “do business” to achieve success.

We understand the importance of working with our clients’ legal and business teams to exhaustively think through the intended results of a proposed business arrangement and any challenges or risks associated therewith, so that each can be clearly addressed in the related documentation.

Representative Engagements:

Creation of a Nationwide Agreement for Security and Investigative Services.

Drafted and negotiated an agreement for the provision of security officers and investigative services for client facilities throughout the country, with varying region-specific pricing and performance criteria.

Creation of Template for Engagement of Temporary Personnel Nationwide.

Collaborated with client’s business group to create a master services agreement template to be used nationwide in its engagements with providers of temporary personnel to streamline, uniform and reduce costs associated with its use of temporary personnel. Negotiate the agreement on behalf of client with more than 15 companies.

Negotiation of Multi-Year Master Agreement for Film and Video Production Services.

Reviewed and negotiated a multi-year agreement for professional services with a full service production company for production and post-production services in connection with commercials for client.

Transactional Support for the Office of the General Counsel.

Reviewed and negotiated a variety of contracts and business arrangements on behalf of a college district and its four colleges, including affiliation, research and strategic partnering agreements with other educational institutions, agencies and hospitals, as well as service agreements and special event contracts.

Quick Fact

Big and small, we negotiate agreements that establish the business relationships our clients' seek on the terms they desire.