Corporate and Business Transactions

Daily, our clients enter into a variety of arrangements and agreements, both internally as well as with third parties, to effectively operate and to achieve their business goals.

512545391-highresWe work collaboratively with our clients to strategize and structure transactions and relationships that best allow them to accomplish their business objectives, given their business limitations and requirements. We then assist by negotiating, structuring and preparing a diverse range of business agreements and contracts documenting these understandings.

Representative Engagements:

Creation and Negotiation of Multiple Master Consulting Services Agreements.

Coordinated with client’s procurement and supply group and key stakeholders to draft a master consulting services agreement template for client’s preferred consultant program. Negotiated same on behalf of client with more than 20 consulting firms (including niche businesses and the “Big 4” consulting firms) and advised client on business implications of negotiated alternative terms and impact of certain overseas operations.

Collaboration for New Line of Business.

Prepared an MOU between client and another business enterprise reflecting their initial agreement as to each’s financial commitment and allocation of resources toward the development of a new line of business they would jointly service and manage.

Venture to Produce a Documentary.

Prepared a collaboration agreement between client and a major cable network for the joint production and network airing of a documentary.

Negotiation of a Cross-Promotion Strategic Alliance.

Negotiated a multi-million dollar marketing sponsorship agreement between client and a major league baseball team.

Quick Fact

We work with our clients’ legal and business teams to exhaustively think through the intended results of a proposed business arrangement and any challenges or risks.